Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning can be described as the removal of unwanted deposition caused by corrosion and scale from internal waterways in plant, systems, pipe runs and equipment.

The procedure is carried out by the circulation of an acid or alkali. An effective process will restore plant efficiency by minimising in-service blockage of strainers and erosive damage to pumps, mechanical seals etc. It will expose bare metal throughout the system so as to eliminate under-deposit corrosion cells and providing even access for effective corrosion inhibitor protection.

How deposits affect heat transfer:

Scale Build Up Heat Loss Increased Fuel Consumption
0.8mm 9.5% 2%
1.5mm 12% 2.5%
3mm 20% 4%

Chemical cleaning may not always be sufficient, depending on the quality of the water and contaminants in the system. Acid cleaning will eliminate calcareous deposits and iron oxides, but they may not remove all sludges, organics, debris, etc. There may be a need to consider biocide washing together with an acid de-scaling programme.

Biocide Washing is the removal of algae, slime and bacteria from internal waterways in plant and equipment

The deposition of micro-organisms is called "biofouling". Biofilms, such as Pseudomonas can rapidly cover internal surfaces, biofilms will consume Kinetic energy and cause increased pressure drop when water is pumped. The energy demand is therefore increased while performance is decreased. In heat exchangers, biofilms represent a "gel like" layer between cooling medium and surface. This allows only diffusive heat exchange rather than conductive. This decreases the efficiency of the heat transfer process. The loss of performance and decrease in product quality due to biofouling can cause significant financial loss.

Houseman Watermarc has combined experience within a wide rage of market sectors

  • Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Refining Ship and Ship Building
  • Power Commercial Laundry
  • Marine Water and Wastewater
  • Commercial Properties Food & Beverage
  • Government Agency Paper and Pulp
  • Metal Producers Local Authority

What are the benefits of chemical cleaning?

Also referred to as acid de-scaling and acid washing, the benefits of chemical cleaning far exceed those of mechanical cleaning by significantly reducing plant down-time and reducing operating costs.

Houseman Watermarc has a wealth of experience of Chemical Cleaning and the removal
of deposition.

  • Oils
  • Corrosion products
  • Water hardness deposits
  • Biofouling
  • Other deposition

This can be carried out using a variety of applications from internal waterways in a diverse array of plant and equipment.

  • Industrial Boilers
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipelines
  • Cooling systems
  • Vessels

…………………….. In fact, any type of plant you wish to name!!!!

Chemical Cleaning will optimise your plant operating efficiency and prolong its life. It will help reduce costly repairs and make plant maintenance easier and safer by minimising risk to site personnel through the elimination of potential environmental hazards


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